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Samsung Why, Where are the application areas?

Samsung Staron is a massive surface coating material consisting of 100% Acrylic based resin and high quality minerals.

samsung-staron-tezgahStaron® is a massive surface coating material consisting of 100% acrylic based resin and a combination of high quality minerals. It is durable and durable. It does not stain. Fireproof. It is hygienic thanks to its nonporous surface and jointless joint. It does not allow bacteria, viruses and molds to form. Easy to clean, easy to use and maintain. Impact and chemical resistant. Thanks to its superior features, Staron® is versatile and functional in residential and commercial applications. Thermoforming is another outstanding feature of Staron®. Thanks to this feature and seamless combinations, your imagination is limited.
With a stylish and modern look of more than 100 colors, there are kitchen counters, bathroom counters, shower stalls and walls, windows and marinas in the houses, reception and bar counters, tables, wall covering WC counters, It is a versatile decorative surface material used in many home applications from kitchen countertops to bathroom countertops, from furniture to lighting. In addition, Samsung Staron® is often preferred as a hygienic surface material in hospitals and laboratories, in hotels, cafes and restaurants, in reception areas and in public areas.
Samsung Staron® is original hard surface material developed 35 years ago. Designed for architects, interior designers and contractors who want to add value to their applications with consumers looking for aesthetic and durable materials for their homes, Samsung Staron® offers superior design flexibility, creative colors and patterns, translucency, durability, renewability, hygiene, Ease of use. The biggest feature of Samsung Staron acrylic workbenches is the food certificate, and the preference in kitchen countertops is due to the hygiene of Samsung Staron brand.

Why Samsung Staron? What are the features?


It has a rich color and texture option. Jointless joints and thermoforming enable designers to have endless freedom. It also adapts to other materials such as wood, metal and so on.

Long Life Durable

Staron® is resistant to impact, thermal shock and chemicals. There is no delamine due to its homogeneous structure. Heavy stain, scratches and other marks on the surface can easily be removed by sanding.

Hygienic and Fireproof

Staron® non-porous surface and jointless joints, it is extremely easy to clean. It does not allow the formation of germs and bacteria. Staron® A class has the degree of incombustibility. It will not be flammable. Forgetting cigarettes or candles on it is not a problem.

Eco Friendly

The combined acrylic and natural minerals are environment friendly. It is not harmful to health in any way, but its minerals and resins are used in the health field.

Easy Processed

Staron® is processed with standard wood processing machines. It can be shaped by heat. The attachment will not be visible. Radius skirting and unlimited forehead profile details can be applied.

Staron Application Areas

Houses in Staron

Kitchen workbenches and panels
Bathroom counters
Bathroom floor and wall coverings
Window Sills
Shower trays
Covers for bathtubs

Health Centers

Reception and nurse banks
Laboratory benches
Operating room wall coverings
Window Sills
Bath & Bench
Direction panels
Crashing Tapes

In Store And Workplaces

Welcome banks
Safe bank
Display Products, Shelves
Wc Machine Tools
Facade Coatings
Meeting tables
Windows and windowsill/br>
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