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Where are Neolith, Application Areas?

Neolith High-tech, large-sized porcelain plate. Neolith Bench is the natural solution of all your problems in Kitchen and Bath Benches

neolith-tezgahNeolith; It is a high performance, large format, thin porcelain plate created by TheSize R + Ge team. Neolith is a product with High Physical and Mechanical Properties. Each workbench produces solutions for surface applications such as wet floors, flooring, lambrils, coatings, facades. It is a big size and advanced technology product porcelain plate which can offer the most effective solutions even for the most demanding architectural projects, has a wide color and surface range and can be used in indoor and outdoor areas, floors and finishes in numerous applications with these design features. It is quite easy to clean the kitchen counter, food waste and leftover wastes from the materials they can not supply, thus guaranteeing hygiene. In most cases a damp cloth is sufficient for cleaning. Another advantage of the production process is that it is heat resistant. Hot pots or pans do not create any deformation on the surface.

NeoLith® Cleaning and Maintenance

The kitchen counter can be used with warm water and by adding the recommended amount of cleaning agent to the manufacturer. If liquid is spilled on the countertop, it should be dried immediately. The faster you clean and pour the liquid, the easier it will be to remove the stains.

Neolith Surface Options

Why Neolith? What are the features?


The thickness of porcelain plates reduces the load factor of the facade coating while facilitating transportation and transportation.


With zero liquid absorption Hard water resistant and waterproof ..

Cleaning is Easy

Ammonia or bleach, etc. Resistant to any chemical cleaning agent.


Sağlığa zararlı hiç bir madde yaymaz ve besinlerle temasında hiçbir sakınca yoktur..

High Heat Resistant

When exposed to high temperatures, it does not emit technical substances or smoke and does not catch fire.

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