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Lapitec Why, where are the application areas?

Lapitec Italian design and high technology combined Lapitec kitchen and bathroom benches, "Franke" assurance More Decoration Workmanship Quality

lapitec-logLapitec Lapitec Aesthetic appeal; The elegance of 100% naturalness is an innovative, powerful sintered surface application material that combines the ease of working with attractive colors and different tissue alternatives. XXL Form provides ideal solutions for architectural designs in large plates. The lines of Italian heritage; It satisfies the aesthetic sensitivity of the designers by exceeding their structural and formal boundaries. Franke Stone by Lapitec can be applied in both contemporary and classic designs. Due to its technical features and easy working structure, Lapitec offers the ideal solution for kitchen countertops, wall coverings, doors, flooring, stairs and fireplaces. FRANKE Stone Lapitec combines the full potential of porcelain with natural stone-specific colors and finishes, making it a perfect match to the natural environment with striking borders. Thanks to its long-life use and weather-proof construction, Lapitec seamlessly combines this physical and mechanical power with aesthetics and innovation. Because it is light and durable, it can be used with ventilated facades in exterior finishes and with different surface finishes in same colors with complementary meanings.



Why Lapitec? What are the advantages?

100% Natural

Franke stone by Lapitec, which is produced as sensitive to the environment and human health, does not contain resins and petroleum.


Lapitec is produced in plates of 3365x1500 mm and thickness of 20 mm.


Thanks to Lapitec Non-porous YPASI, Lekelere is resistant to mold and bacteria. Thanks to this non-porous structure, the surface is easily cleaned with only warm water and cloth.

Ton No Difference

It has a strong structure that challenges time. Even after many years, the same color guarantees that there will be no tonal differences in the product demand.

Long lasting

Lapitec is durable and water resistant. It is resistant to acids, dyes, alkaline, deep abrasion, fire, high temperature, frost and is not affected by UB work.

Scratch Resistance

Lapitec has the dimensions required by the designers and offers the best solutions for construction and upholstery with scratch resistance.

Bio Care

With the help of Franke Stone Bio-Care technology, the fragrance components that accumulate in the swimmers are self-cleaning.

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