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Franke Nedir, Where are the Application Areas?

Franke quality now differentiates Solid Surface ... By offering bench services, your imagination reflects your living space.


Franke All surfaces that are used for personal and professional use, all surfaces that are combined with the design of the acrylic, now have a solid surface signature with 54 color options ... With the solid surface natural view which is presented to you with perfect service concept, kitchen, bathroom, office, Cafes and restaurants as well as many professionals or decorations that require the decor, the design of your imagination with 54 different colors to each other. Solid Surface's heated material and rich color range can meet any style need. Thanks to its combination of acrylic and natural materials, Solid Surface reflects your character to your home with its flexibility, ergonomics, durability and shine. It does not allow dirt and stains to form thanks to its structure that allows it to be joined without showing any joints on the baseboards and wall panels. It is very easy to maintain with stains and scratch resistance.Solid Surface workbenches, which are taken separately for each kitchen or bathroom, are handled with care. Solid Surface which is presented to you with perfect service concept is indispensable for kitchen and bathroom surfaces with its easily cleanable structure and natural appearance.

Franke® Song, Quality..

Quality that provides ideal acrylic design solutions for all personal and corporate use areas ...
The best design and production brand in the world reflects your imagination in your imagination by offering professional kitchen and bath counter services with rich color diversity and warmth-wise design material to your homes and workplaces.


Solid Surface provides long lasting use thanks to its strong structure formed by the combination of natural minerals and acrilic. Thanks to its renewable feature, small scratches can be removed by rubbing with a sponge.

Easy to clean

Wiping with a wet cloth helps to protect the initial gloss of the Solid Surface by using cleaners.


With its non-porous structure and easy care that does not allow bacteria, mold and stains to form, Solid Surface is the ideal material for your bathrooms, not just for your kitchen.

No Attachment

Solid Surface is a material that can be easily processed with its flexible and splice-free structure. A few different plates can be joined together so that the joint is unclear and change where the air is.

Different Colors

Solid Surface, with colors that appeal to 54 different scenarios. Franke's products can be used alone or combined with any other color you like.


Kitchen and bathroom cabinets after you have taken a place on the measure taken, shaped by heat; Your Franke Solid Surface counter will be completely customized for you in the color, design and model you want.

Franke Qualities

The entire process of reaching your kitchen from the online ordering system, laser measurement purchase, perfect cutting with CNC, to the knowledge and skill of assembly masters reaches you in Franke perfection.


Franke Solid Surface is covered by a 10 year warranty for manufacturing and labor problems. Usage and customer errors do not fall into this scope.

Why, Franke? What are the features?

Designed individually for each room, Franke creates individual, indispensable products for durability, shiny and stylish, modern and eye-catching, long-lasting, easy-cleanable and natural-looking kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

Creative And Brave

A successful production policy that follows the changing design lines and does not hesitate to try the new one.

Defective and Stable

The quality and authenticity that is shown is always flawless and has the same stability when reaching the customers.

Open to Development

From design to production, from marketing to service, every field is a team that develops and updates itself.


The Franke kitchen counter, always producing the latest production machines and materials.

Durable and Safe

Long life and durable Franke countertops thanks to its strong structure using natural minerals and acrylic.

Convenience and Comfort

Franke benches that do not contain stains, have easy cleaning and prevent bacteria formation.


Special design and cutting process for every space, opportunity to experience Franke bench quality in the color and model you want.


A Franke guarantee that protects customer rights by providing a 10 year warranty coverage for problems arising from production and labor.

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