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Where are Dekton Application Areas?

Dekton® has a unique technology developed by Cosentino. Quartz stone, glass and porcelain production technology is formed by combining together.

dektonThe Dekton is produced with ultra compression technology le, and although it is very durable it is very incredible. It can be used comfortably in kitchens, bathrooms, floors, floors, especially on busy floors. In addition to the standard production color and surface options, designers copy their imagination, any material in color and texture, and experience high standards of quality and durability. Ideal for outdoor surfaces, kitchen counter tops, floor and wall coverings, exterior cladding applications, indoor and outdoor staircases, almost all kinds of surfaces such as inside and around the pool.
DEKTON reduces the process of nature by tens of thousands of years with extraordinary technology. The PST process consists of the fusion of natural mineral particles and the alteration of internal structures. PST technology is the highest technology in the world that is currently used in the industry. Thanks to this revolutionary technology, a brand new, unusual and unrivaled product has come to the fore. PST technology allows natural stone production techniques to be made in the factory for tens of thousands of years. Due to the high pressure and high heat, the structure of the natural raw materials changes, allowing them to be transformed into a completely different structure. With this technology, the natural raw materials it contains are compressed at the electron level by being compressed under high pressure. Thus they become non-porous and impermeable. The feedstocks do not need any binder resin because they melt under such high pressure and temperature. This results in a liquid-impermeable, non-expanding and non-abrasive product.

Dekton Kitchen Counter

DECTON is a long-term product for users who want to turn their kitchens into unique areas. Thanks to its large size, it has much less attachment and exceeds boundaries. The elegance that comes from one-piece look adds value to spaces even in very different designs. DECONTON brings out the chef in you by blending quality and sunflower. Keep your first appearance for years in your kitchen with the quality that is immediately felt when touched and the superior strength properties it offers. Thanks to its impressive features, it makes cooking enjoyable, allowing you to work freely on your counter even in kitchens, which are heavily used every day. DEKTON presents you with beauty and durability. Thanks to high technology, scratches, stains, kitchen acids, angry objects without worrying about working without worry

Bath Bench and Wall Coatings

The bathrooms are the private areas of our homes. Hygiene and elegance must be blended together. In these areas we use for personal hygiene and care it is very important that we have an environment that provides peace of mind. DECONTON provides a completely impermeable surface for any kind of liquid with its pore-free and solid structure. The liquid flows easily through. So you can easily wipe and clean the floors and walls of your bathrooms. With different surface and color options, DECON is a great choice for many wet years as floor and wall covering in all wet areas.


Dekton® Warranty

Dekton is the only brand in the segment that gives written warranty. Produced by the world's largest producer of quartz stone, it gives you 10 years of experience with its power and experience. The Dekton guarantee, given by the world's largest manufacturer, increases the confidence of the designers and end-users in the product, paying every penny they pay.
Warranty conditions
The 10 YEAR guarantee is valid for products manufactured by a manufacturer.
1. In order for the warranty to be valid, the end user must certify that he has purchased the product.
2. The warranty is only valid for problems with the factory production faults of the goods. COSENTINO, is not responsible for the manufacturing and installation errors made by the manufacturer.

Wide Sizes

Unlimited Applications

Due to its wide dimensions (3200x1440mm) and its light weight (8-12-20 mm thickness), the kitchen & bath counter offers unlimited possibilities for a wide range of applications such as indoor & outdoor floor & wall covering and exterior cladding.

Resists Everything

No wear

It has the highest scratch, abrasion and stain retention resistance with its non-porous and unusual structure. Even strong chemicals show high resistance.

We are affected by heat

It's hot!

Resistant to extreme temperatures. Angry pots do not harm objects such as frying pan. Thanks to its high UV resistance, it maintains its color for many years under the sun.

Ease of Use

Comfortable Kitchens

It is the ideal solution for kitchen counters because it is easy to clean, not worn and not affected by heat. They provide free insults in the kitchen. Has 10 Year Warranty Certificate.

Cosentino wants to help you realize your projects and work with you to design your kitchen.

This application was developed to animate your kitchen with the creation of 3D images that you can do with the color, edge, and configuration of your home.

Design Your Own Cuisine..

Why Dekton? What are the advantages?

High UV Resistance

Thanks to its high UV resistance, it is not damaged by sunlight. It can be used easily both indoors and outdoors. With sunlight reason, there is no fading or change in their color.

High Heat and Scratch Resistance

It is the bench with the highest scratch resistance in the market. Knife and cutter are not scratch with all products. Dekton has high heat resistance. You can put your hot pots on the pole without any hesitation.

High Abrasion Resistance

Particularly, surfaces such as granite show wear over time and must be re-polished. With its high abrasion resistance property, it does not suffer any wear damage until the end of its life. It does not require re-polishing and polishing.

High filth resistance

It does not get any dirt due to its inherent properties. Materials such as coffee, wine, pencil and rust that leave the most stain on the surfaces do not leave a stain on the Dekton. In addition, thanks to its high chemical resistance, it is not harmed by household cleaners (bleach, dry cleaning materials etc).

Nonporous Structure

Pore-free. For this reason, it does not receive water and gas. This ensures longer life and easy cleaning.

Color Stability

Due to the pigment control used in production technology, there is no color difference from plate to plate. In addition, over time the colors will not fade and change.

High Elasticity Resistant

The granite has 5 times more bending strength. For this reason it is resistant to crushing. It can be used easily on the roads, on the roads.

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