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Corian Nedir, Where are the application areas?

Solid Surfaces Convert Creative Visiones to Reality. Elegant, Stylish, Inviting surfaces ... Unlimited colors, perfect appearance!

corian-tezgahCorian Bench has superior features. Dupont scientists in 1967 noticed something more than a typical polymer layer as an alternative to laminate and granite. This tough product made from acrylic and natural materials, named Corian, is colored and moldable, resembles wood and plastic but is extremely durable, non-porous and easier to clean. Four years later, DuPont's solid surface material achieved America's largest annual housing construction trade at the Homebuilder International Builder Show in Houston, Texas. In the first years, their number was limited. Home appliances had kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, and washbasins & sinks in white tones. It was all just white ... Dupont has worked hard since years. It expanded beyond the monochrome conception, including more than 100 rich color tones to the tissue and vein variety.
Beyond this reinforcing color scheme, Applications have become diverse. Homogeneous, stain-resistant and scratch-resistant materials are now being used in many areas that force imagination, from the facades of buildings to furniture and jewelry products.

From 1968 onwards, Dupont proved itself to be a highly durable material that facilitates life. Delamination does not occur and the end result in daily wear and tear that can resist wear. It is resistant to cuts and abrasions with many effects of heavy traffic areas. Corian is a special product that has been tested for mechanical, thermal, electrical and other surface properties.

Dupont Corian® Features

Corian offers a virtually unlimited package palette to work with. You can create a flat base with a color for your design; Or try to catch an eye-catching harmony. Corian at the same time metal, wood, stone and so on. It can be used as a versatile complement in materials.

Dupont Corian is a non-porous material. The material is completely squashed and the joints are produced in such a way that it is not obvious, which makes the surface hygienic. Corian surfaces prevent bacterial and fungal growth. Corian is certified by an independent laboratory as a hygienic material according to DIN EN ISO 846, an international standard.

Dupont Corian is a chemically inert and non-toxic material. It does not emit gas at normal room temperature. When burned, it essentially releases carbon oxides and the color of the resulting smoke is very clear and does not contain halogenated harmful gases.

Applications designed with Dupont Corian can only limit your imagination. For Corian surfaces, it offers almost unlimited design options and can be combined so that the inserts are not obvious. For example, long banks can be assembled at the assembly site by being produced piece by piece in the workshops.

Dupont Corian® Application Areas

Reception Desk

With Corian®, there is no limit to your design possibilities. Choose from color, style and appearance options, or create a customized solution for your unique design. The Corian® solid surface is so versatile that it meets all your needs.

Kitchen Countertops

Create impressive Corian® countertops that fit smoothly into Corian® homes and skirtings to add styling and practicality to your design.

Bathroom Countertops

Today's bathrooms offer much more than basic functionality in the past, designed with beauty and relaxation in mind.

Bathroom Sink

As with all interior layouts, the banyoy design offers you an opportunity to achieve your unique style. Corian® offers inspirational diversity, resilience and exhilaration that can transform your design ideas into reality.

Corian® Kitchen Delivery

Your inspiration for the kitchen needs to be reflected in every detail of your design, including the kitchenette. With DuPont ™ Corian® solid surface, you can create sink features that perfectly match your plans.

Corian® Furniture

Discover the special qualities of DuPont ™ Corian® solid surface to create furnishings that offer new possibilities and start new trends.

Corian® Laboratory

Functional, durable, hygienic performance certified - DuPont ™ Corian® is the perfect solution to meet the precise and specific requirements of all laboratory types and sizes.

Corian® Ship, Yacht Design

From luxury yachts and passenger ships to offshore platforms and research vessels, today's architects and designers are creating designs that inspire navigation with DuPont ™ Corian® solid surfaces.

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