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Çimstone Bench

Çimstone Bench, Çimstone Nedir, Application Areas Where are they? Quartz-based Composite Stone is a brand in the production of stone .. The colors that make the nature jealous, life of quartz is solid

... Çimstone is a quartz based composite stone produced with Italian BRETON technology. It combines the natural stone texture with the stability of quartz and meets the increasing expectations on all kinds of surface such as counter, bench, floor, façade, staircase with its superior quality and various products. It does not absorb liquid with its compact structure. It does not stain with this feature and it shows high resistance against abrasive effects of acids and bases. It can be produced in colors suitable for different anticipations, compatible with different cabinet doors with texture and design alternatives. Mirrors colored with pigments, glass, sea breeze, basalt, brass shavings and other effects can be provided. Until now, it allows a very different appearance than the usual surface coating materials, completing today's changing kitchens, bathing cultures and modern designs. Long years of carrying quartz energy to your living spaces protect the appearance of the first day.
The colors that make nature jealous come to life with the solidity of quartz ...

What is Quartz?

It offers stylish, robust and hygienic countertops for kitchens and bathrooms, shaping quartz mineral, one of the hardest stones in the world, with the latest technology of today. Çimstone, which has a high scratch and abrasion resistance due to its 7 Mohs hard quartz mineral constituting its structure, carries the radiance and stability of the quartz mineral to the surfaces

Why Çimstone?

Çimstone, certified hygienic by the LGA hygiene report and NSF certificate and producing in compliance with Turkish standards, offers food that can be safely prepared, easily cleaned and does not require special care.


You can use the baklava slice, which is the symbol of the Turkish Standards Compliance Certificate given by the Turkish Standards Institute to the products, with peace of mind.


Completely meeting NSF 51 Food Preparation Areas eligibility criteria set by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) International, Çimstone is certified as the surface on which foods can be prepared.

Resistant to acids and bases

It shows high resistance against abrasive effects of acids and bases. Olive oil, wine, vinegar, lemon, tea, juices and strong spices are the problem.

Different Uses

It can be used successfully in decorative designs such as desk, coffee table, counter top, wall / panel application, table, table which can be used on all kinds of surfaces such as floor.

Resistant to scratching

Quartz, one of the harshest mineral stones in the world, offers unmatched strength and durability thanks to the 7 Mohs hardness grade. It reflects the superiorities of quartz exactly on the surface.

Easy to Clean

It takes its brightness from the quartz glow. Due to its compact structure, it does not absorb liquid, it does not stain. Maintain the appearance of the first day with simple maintenance and cleaning.

Friendly to the Outside

The concept of product development focused on protecting natural resources is friendly to the environment with the high technology used in production and the product content from recycling.

100% Corporate Assurance

We are 100% behind our products. It provides absolute customer satisfaction by standing behind 100% stone with its experience and institutional assurance.

Quartz Iris Light of Life

Çümstone, formed of quartz, reshape quartz mineral of nature's nature with the latest technology of today.

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