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Belenco Counter

Belenco Counter, Belenco Why, Where are the application areas? It gives life to the most fashionable, stylish quartz surfaces of the highest quality in world standards.


Belenco Turkey's rich and qualified quartz mineral is interpreted with design, art and engineering to produce aesthetic and functional surfaces that are high in added value and compatible with contemporary designs. Every quartz deserves a touch. Take good care of your quartz surfaces! It gives life to the most fashionable, stylish quartz surfaces of the highest quality in world standards. Listen to our suggestions to preserve your quartz surfaces for many years as it was the first day you took your power, its excellence. The water absorption feature is a surface that is resistant to contamination thanks to its non-porous surface and its chemical resistance. Materials that may permanently stain other materials such as wine, mustard, vinegar, lemons, or cause wear on their surfaces will not be affected. Thanks to this superiority, it does not require application of surface protection.BELENCO Ato¨lye El Kitabý

It contains the superiorities of quartz it contains. Quartz, one of the hardest minerals in the world, is the most important feature of high surface resistance. It is the bench material with the highest scratch resistance. Nevertheless, it is not right to use sharp and cutting tools directly on. It has gained its brilliance by the mechanical abrasion of the quartz it contains. No chemicals were used to shine on the surface. It does not need to polish or polish the surface since it has its brightness inherent in the quartz's natural brilliance. The kitchen counter maintains its first day's brilliance and natural vitality for many years with a simple daily cleaning.


Live the beauty of Quartz for years!

Belenco's wear, scratch and chemical resistant construction is guaranteed for 15 years. Belenco gives you the opportunity to experience the unique beauty of Belenco for many years by following the suggestions of "belenco Usage and Maintenance" so that your bench will be as bright and intact as the first day. Belenco emphasizes the importance of quartz surfaces not only to produce with qualities that they deserve but also to use them as they are, Quartz surfaces are a very important part of the total life cycle. For this reason, it makes all the informations about the correct use of the products that they produce in their lifestyles.

Why Belenco? Usage And Maintenance

Easy to Clean, Faith Comfort Comfortable.

Belenco is a robust and aesthetic surface with abrasion, scratching and chemical resistance which is produced with advanced technology and fascinating designs by interpretation of natural quartz mineral with outstanding artistry and engineering at an extraordinary level. Easy to clean, adds comfort to your life with comfort.

Always hygienic.

It is a hygenic surface that does not allow the reproduction of microorganisms in its non-staining, non-staining, non-porous, pore-free structure. The hygienic structure is certified by NSF and certified with the NSF51 certificate on which food can be safely prepared. You do not need to use special chemicals to provide hygiene.

No permanent stain

Produced using the world's most advanced technology with 93% natural quartz, 7% binder and inorganic pigment formula, Belenco is a dirt-resistant surface with non-porous, non-porous structure. Quartz, which accounts for 93%, is the problem of the abrasive effects of chemicals. Materials that can permanently stain or worn on the surface of other countertops such as Tea, Coffee, Wine, Vinegar, Lemon spices do not affect Belenco.

Maintain Natural Brilliance

You do not need to polish the surface of the Belenco from the natural shine of the quartz it contains, its protective finish, the polish. Belenco With a simple daily cleansing, protect your first day's glitter and natural vitality for many years.

Difficult Stains

It is difficult to remove dried stains and requires more effort. For this reason, clean the dirt and stains that come out of our stand. In very rough stains, apply the detergent directly onto the stain only and gently rub the stain with the hard surface of the cleaning sponge in circular motion. Rinse the surface with clean water.

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