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ElegantAesthetic, Hygienic

Silestone by Cosentino

Silestone Tezgah Modelleri

Quartz Based composite stone ..

Stylish, Elegant, Aesthetic Natural Beauty Without Stain!

Neolith TheSize

Neolith Nedir

Neolith Porcelain Bench

Non-burning, Not drawn 100% Hygiene

Cosentino By Dekton

Dekton Nedir?

Dekton Porcelain Bench

Hygienic Fireproof, Not Drawn..

Neolith Thesize

Neolith Bench Models

Porcelain Kitchen Countertop

Elegant Aesthetic, Hygienic


Çimstone Bench Models

Quartz-Based Composite Stone

Unbreakable, Fireproof, Not Drawn %100 Hygiene

Cosentino By Dekton

Dekton Nedir?

Dekton Porcelain Bench

Ek yeri belli olmaz Gözeneksiz..

Dupont Corian

Corian Nedir?

Dupont Corian Acrylic Countertop

Stylish, Elegant, Aesthetic Natural beauty without stain!

Neolith TheSize

Neolith Nedir

Neolith Porcelain Bench

Belenco Renk Çeşitleri ve Fiyatlari

Elegant Easy to clean, Not Dawn, Natural


Belenco Tezgah Modelleri

Light of Quartz, with you with Belenco.


Belenco, Çimstone, Silestone, Dekton, Neolith, Corian, Montelli, Franke, Samsung Such as kitchen, bathroom and bench bench applications.

Stall; It is durable and hygienic in its kitchens and bathrooms. We offer perfection to your homes with the most exclusive bench products.

DuPont™ Corian®

Solid Surfaces Make Creative Visions Reality

Corian with Decoration Difference; Play it. Color it. Format it with heat. DuPont ™ Corian® solid surfaces can take all the shapes you imagine. Wavy, almost smooth, organic forms, bold color and semi-transparency effects - you can create anything you can imagine with Corian®.
Corian®, a hallmark DuPont innovation, continues to be a source of inspiration and inspiration. DuPont collaborates with designers, architects, artists, builders and manufacturers all over the world to access new levels of creativity with this versatile material at an extraordinary level. Choose from a wide range of pattern and color tone options that determine trends. You can even create your own custom colors. In addition, Corian® solid surfaces work everywhere - the preferred choice for healthcare, food service, hospitality, office buildings, schools and, of course, houses and specialist architects and designers.

Milano Fuari 2018


The new name for modern kitchens is shaped by DuPont Corian, the perfect counterpoint to your imagination.


The beauty of the baths is measured by elegance. The bathrooms designed with Corian are perfect.


There is only one word to say about Corian "he is magic" ... It is game. Color it. Format it with heat.



Elegant, Elegant, Inviting surfaces ...
Unlimited colors, perfect appearance! GET INSPIRING, YOU DESIGN!

You Imagine usMake it happen ..

Our company, which is active in the Countertop Sector, is the authorized manufacturer of many high quality companies and is guaranteed for all products. We are determinedly committed to becoming a 'reliable and consistent solution partner' for all our customers. We will always look for better in this beautiful journey, with the hope of working with you..


Authorized Manufacturer

Corian, Hanex, Samsung, Belenco, Cimstone, Silestone, Dekton, Neolith and Lapitec Products and guarantees for all products.

Price policy

Investment is made to satisfied customers. All services we offer are guaranteed to our customers' rights. Every product we have as an Authorized Manufacturer has a labor warranty for 2 years.


Our company is in an innovative position for you with quality and meticulousness in bathroom and kitchen workbenches using the latest technologies .. It is 4 working days since the manufacturing process measurement of a machine is taken.

Our Bench Applications

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